Friday, April 6, 2012

Pablo Neruda's Fanciful Ode to Clothes

One of the first major details that struck me of Pablo Neruda's work "Ode to Clothes" is the establishing tone of devotion he has for clothing. I'm quite a fanatic when it comes to clothes. It seems as if my closet is close to bursting any minute now like a street hit fire hydrant. We are born and clothes are the first latching rough skin we are exposed to. Pablo Neruda speaks to clothes with such a humbling voice, as if he could not pass a day without, which to an extent is true. His clothing fill his vanity, his love, his hope and eventually his body. Maybe it's the endless accessibility we have for clothes that makes us lose sense of what's in our closets. After all, they are just clothes. But they're the clothes that part with us; they're a large part of our character and they tell the world a bit of our story without saying a word.

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