Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Rhinoceric Berenger

If I can remember an instance when I acted like a Rhinoceros and commuted with the crowd, I'd say it would be most of my elementary and adolescent years. As a kid growing up, everyone in one point of their life has been situated and confronted peer-pressure. Some of my peer-pressure experiences that I can remember dealt with having the next big thing, whether it was new shoes, trading cards, toys, cool pencils, etc. I had to have it all. And to keep up, I had to follow the crowd to keep up, even if it meant becoming a rhinoceros.

However, the times I felt closest to my inner-self was when I would become a Berenger. Some of the instances where my inner Berenger escaped, were the instances that helped me most disconnect and dissociate from other rhinoceroses. One particular situation where I stood as a Berenger was in choosing my elective classes in high school. Most of the students and friends' I knew would take easy classes for their advantage in order to get a easy grade. In this circumstance though, I would deny to have followed the crowd. I took classes that interested me the most, challenging, out of the norm classes which I have no regret on taking because they have expanded my personal growth and made me very proud and happy to take.

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